Nanaimo Cassin’s Fiery Norell has the breeding permission of the German Retriever Club (DRC e.V.).

Due to the fact that Norell is very close to my ideal Toller, both in looks and in charakter as well as in his working abilities, I’m very happy that he has all the requirements for breeding healthwise.
With him I hope for puppies, that inherit his huge working passion as well as his ease of mind and which will please their owners in daily life and work as much as Norell does in my life!

In 2018 and 2019 Norell sired 4 litters. I like his offspring and can see a lot of what I hoped Norell would give to his children in them.

For  2021 and 2022 we already have litter plans with him, therefore he will not be available for more litters at the moment.

When you are interested in Norell for a later date (litterplans 2023/24) or have more questions, please contact me via Email