06.08.2017  – Tollarspecialen

5. Platz

23.07.2016 – DRC Spezialrassehundeausstellung Hoisdorf
11 months, masculine, nice head and expression, correct bite, good ear set, good neck and topline, a little straight in upper arm, good bone and feet, good tail and tail set, a little straight in back angulation, nice coat, good mover, temperament is okay.

10.07.2016 – DRC Spezialrassehundeausstellung Bremen Stuhr
Richterbericht: Mr. Peter King, AUS
11 months old male, standing high on legs, still to body up and mature fully, very expressive head, good lengh of neck, reaching well back, well tucked up, hind quarters still to muscle, white markings on rear feet and chest, well motivated dog, happy, smooth rhythmic movement.

26.05.2016 – DRC Spezialrassehundeausstellung Winsen/Luhe
Richterbericht: Mr. Colm Beattie, IE
very nice head and alert expression, good wedge shaped head, good earplacement, good neck and shoulder, good topline, good tail carriage, very nice deep chest with nice short loin, well muscled hind end, moving well in front and slightly close behind.
V1, Anwartschaft Dt. Ch. VDH und DRC, Jugendsieger Niedersachsen