Nanaimo Cassin’s Fiery Norell

Norell – „the dog you can watch learning“.
This statement from a friend about Norell hits the nail on the head. Wether Obedience, Dummytraining, Tolling or Field Training – he solves every excercise with an unbelievable implicitness and shows a very fast apprehension. After one training, we can start in the next one on the same point where the last training ended.

From his mother, Norell gained the ability to think, from his father he got a good speed – a great combination!

Our every day life got a lot more exciting with Norells smart and surprising ideas. He is always in a good mood and loves to make me laugh about him.

Already 3 year old now – Wow, so long already? Or should I say: Only so long?
Depending on all the activities we already did together, I tend to “only”. It is really impressive, how much and how good Norell is working in 3 different kinds of activities: Obedience, Dummy & Tolling and Trail. Wanted mostly for Obedience, thanks to his great hunting abilities Norell now shows me a new side of retrieverwork and I’m looking forward to the next experiences in this field.

We’re training a lot of Obedience where I get to enjoy Norells eagerness to work, high speed and sharp mind. He picks up on a new excercise very fast and it is a lot of fun to see his great progress. In trails, he is very focussed on me and shows a very high motivation and is never missing a reward. It is so much fun to show him in Obedience trails!

While working with dummys, Norell also shows a lot of eagerness to work, combined with a good focus and steadyness. His first contact with cold game was really good, too. He picked it without hesitation and retrieved it really well.

Norell knows how to use his nose, is fast and really good to concentrate as well. Great working skills he shows so far!
Even working close to and through water is no problem for him. He likes swimming and does it with the same implicitness he does everything else.

Tolling is lots of fun for Norell, who loves to run and to play. In the passivity he relaxes very fast and just waits for the next turn.