Casarrondo Iavas Junai Adan

Earlier than planned but live had differnt plans for us! So now Norells son Junai is part of the Fiery Toller pack and we have lots of fun together.

No big surprise, Junai and I will also train Obedience and Dummy / Tolling / hunt. Our main focus turned out to be Obedience, because I really love that sport, the balance between fun and correctness, between speed and concentration.
In Obedience training, Junai is very fast and very eager, loves to play and to eat food. He can be a little bit over excited from time to time, but also can be very good in focus.

At the moment we only train with Dummys once in a while, just for some fun with friends. With the little training that Junai had, he is quite good with markings and definetly a good searcher, independent and with a very good nose. A little bit too eager sometimes, so waiting is the hardest part for him.

In our everyday life, Junai is a strong minded funny guy, who is often the cause for a good round of laughter.