Fiery Tollers

I have tollers for almost ten years now. At the moment, three great dogs accompany me:


First Jola, already 10 years old and already aging. She is retired from training but still loves to search her Dummys or play with her ball.
We started with Agility and then found our way to Obedience, where we competed in class 2.

Jyoti_Einfach jyoti

Jyoti, yeah, she is just my Jyoti. My second toller, my first puppy and a great working dog for me. She just loves Obedience and Dummytraining and we are competing in the highest Obedience class. She is already 7 years young – and getting younger every day, judging from her work motivation and playfulness!


Last, but not least, Norell. He is my youngest dog and my “rising star”. We will see, where our way will go. Looking forward to it!