(Deutsch) Junais Obedience Debüt

Junai and I participate in Obedience Beginner at HSV Leiningerland-Kindenheim and have a lot of fun together – and we can take many points back home with us: 300,5 points and a very nice excellent!

To compete with a new, young dog for the first time is always exciting. Can we show our level from our trainings? How will he react to this different situation? How much time will I need to prepare before entering the ring? What is the right amount of fun and activity but also concentration?

Junai showed me that he is similar to Norell and also can show his skills like in training and is not shy or disturbed because of the judge, steward and the environment. But I could also feel, that he has a more quick temperament than his father and that the missing reward min combination with my praise did make him even higher in his excitement. So this will be a interesting task for our training to find the right way there!

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