Nore meets Nóri

On Tuesday, Norell met his son Nóri (Summit Fire Beltaine Norwin) and had lots of fun playing with him. Nóri is similar to Norell in many ways and it is interesting to see what genetics do: both love to climb on the lab and sit there, both like to smell human ears, … So very useful things, that his son got from him! ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

Exciting times!

Last fall, we met Judith and Ira and decided that Norell is a good match to Ira. Therefore he was allowed to sire his first litter with Ira in the kennel “Summit Fire”. On a very snowy weekend in February, we met again and confirmed our opinion. Finally, in April Ira came to visit Norell and now her pregnancy is confirmed – we are looking forward to this litter and Read More …