We do love Obedience – sometimes too much!

I really love Obedience and how Norell is so engaged in this sport, that in competitions he doesn’t even realize that there is no toy or food for reward and after all 8 excercices he turns around to ask “Ok, can we do that again now?”
But as always there’s a BUT… Because of being so excited and really enjoying all of the excercises, he wants to do it even better – in Norells mind, that is even faster and even before my command and thats the “BUT”!

So we had competitions with great points or many 0. I think, that Norell needs more experience and training on this.
In November and january, the 0s were our best friend, but yesterday, everything fit together and we got 290,5 points.

So now I decided to go the the WC qualifications, although I know, that Norells work is not yet reliable. We want to have fun there and gain experience!

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