Dummy Basics? Check!

Norell passed the German Dummy A (initial Dummy test required for Workingtests) with excellent 77 points out of 80 and second place!

We started with a single water mark. Perfectly done, quiet and steady next to me and the mark right on the spot. – 20 Punkte.

Next task was a search in a small area. Too small for Nore, who likes the big searches. I have to call him back some times into the search area and with one Dummy he thinks about searching on, so I had to use my whistle. 17 points left.

Single mark on land and again right on the spot and 20 points!

A Walk Up was the las task, after a long break. Nore was tired, which I could feel, because he was a little more on edge than he usually is. But he walked a very nice heelwork and had the mark on the spot again. So our third and last 20 points for the day!


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